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The healthcare marketplace has transitioned from a volume-based fee-for-service payment model to a value-based all-in-one reimbursement platform. Kinship provides a full suite of practice management, administrative support, and strategic support services created specifically to address the myriad of challenges encountered by the modern PACE organization.

Corporate Leadership & Oversight

Kinship brings extensive experience, real-world understanding, and a bevy of distinct capabilities to benefit every independent PACE program. By providing privately-managed and professionally-operated PACE programs with a reliable executive platform to build on and achieve meaningful scale, our leadership team is helping industry operators by bringing the unique PACE model to more communities across the country.

Coding & Claims

Coding and risk score is one of the most significant challenges facing pace organizations. Kinship employs a team of recognized coding experts who leverage a proprietary array of hi-tech tools to ensure participants’ risk scores align with the level of care being provided.


Kinship provides local leadership with tools to operate efficiently including: supporting core KPIs; census growth; clinical efficiency; utilization; and benchmarking. Careful oversight of these metrics allow Kinship to better manage every aspect of the end-to-end PACE solution platform.


As healthcare continues to evolve, so do the ever-changing compliance requirements. Kinship created a strong internal compliance system to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. We provide guidance, oversight, and support at local and federal levels, by assisting with documentation reviews and government audits.

Human Resources

Kinship provides PACE center partners with active HR support, by offering uniform employee programs and documentation, an efficient employee structure, and other related HR resources.

Outsourced Services & Network Development

Kinship has outsourced select functions to leverage in-home technology, telehealth capabilities, and maintain robust partnerships with both regional-home and community-based service operators.

Finance & Reporting

Kinship provides detailed financial reporting and revenue-based analysis to local PACE centers, joint ventures, and other constituents. This high level of transparency is critical to ensure that Kinship affiliates are positioned to create a substantial revenue stream and generate healthy earnings.

Best Practices & Operating Efficiencies

The unique Kinship model is where the future of healthcare is headed. By focusing on day-to-day operations and encouraging continuous improvement in operating efficiencies, Kinship leverages the existing participant base to provide functions at considerably lower unit economics, while simultaneously implementing world-class best practices.